A Short History of ESAB and Kjellberg

Both founded by Oscar Kjellberg, these companies have changed welding and plasma cutting for the world.

ESAB (Elektriska Svetsnings-Aktiebolaget or ‘Electric Welding Limited Company’ in English)

Founded by Swedish engineer Oscar Kjellberg in 1904, ESAB has invented and innovated in the welding and, eventually, plasma cutting space throughout the years (see a timeline). Fun fact: ESAB supplied all of the welding equipment in the Netflix reality competition ‘Metal Shop Masters’!

Kjellberg solved a common problem in welding when he invented the coated electrode used in manual metal arc welding (Swedish Patent: 27152, June 29, 1907), by dipping a bare iron wire in a thick mixture of carbonates and silicates. The purpose of the coating is to generate a fume cloud that protects the molten metal from reacting with the oxygen and nitrogen (as is present in the ambient atmosphere) during the brief period of time that the metal requires to cool and solidify. His pioneering work in covered electrode development paved the road during the next twenty years in the research of reliable flux-coated welding electrodes. (from Wikipedia)

See their Wikipedia page for details about how the company has been bought and sold in it’s 120 year history.

As our founder Oscar Kjellberg shaped the history of welding, ESAB is eager to shape the future of our industry.” (from esabcorporation.com/our-story/history)

Kjellberg Finsterwalde

This group of companies was founded in 1922 by Oscar Kjellberg, along with six German and Swedish partners. They manufacture products for welding and plasma cutting (thermal metalworking), and have been a world leader in the manufacture of welding electrodes, welding techniques and plasma cutting systems, all with a vision to improve productivity for customers.

The company has been an innovator in welding and plasma cutting, making work practices in the metalworking sector easier and increasing the efficiency of production. While there have been many touchpoints along the journey, one such hallmark moment was in 1993, with the world’s first CNC multi-bevel trimming unit with two three-torch units. They have continued to fund research and development, improving cutting precision, decreasing noise levels and increasing power levels in plasma cutting. (from www.kjellberg.de/history.html)


The Fab-Cut® Connection

Fab-Cut® is one of ESAB’s largest OEM’s in North America and are quickly growing with the Kjellberg product line. Fab-Cut® is an authorized OEM for both ESAB and Kjellberg.

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