Good Morning Rene!

I’ve been meaning to write you an email for a while now but things have been so busy thanks to our Fab-Cut Plasma Table you helped us purchase! Rene you went above and beyond in helping us acquire this machine from a third party and getting it shipped from Ontario to Alberta. I thought my husband was a bit nuts in wanting to purchase this during these uncertain times, and never dreamed that we could be making this into a full time business for me!

We have been busy making personalized signs and fire pits – the possibilities seem endless!

After many weeks of trying to get information about any type of table and having no real helpful information we decided to contact Fab-Cut. Rene was very helpful and understanding, he took the time to answer my hundreds of questions. And still makes time to answer any questions I have. From a skeptical wife to a busy family endeavour (as my 3 boys are excited to work with dad to learn how to use this machine) we couldn’t have asked for a better company than Fab-Cut to help us along the way! We would not hesitate to recommend Rene and his team at Fab-Cut for any inquiries! I have included some photos of work that we have completed! I am excited for the future and where we can go from here with our Fab-Cut!

Colin & Jolene Hearn Leduc

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