The Fab-Cut® compact 4×4 tabletop CNC Plasma Cutting System is a by-product of practicality and productivity, allowing a multitude of different individuals to perform CNC actions for personal, commercial, or professional usage. If you’ve ever considered purchasing a CNC tabletop cutting system, this is the perfect introduction for any beginner or expert and provides tremendous value for any and all projects.

Why CNC Cutting Systems

Whether you are simply interested in the limitless creative possibilities that CNC cutting systems provide or you’re a small business owner that is looking to produce a high-end product, the Compact 4×4 Table Top CNC Plasma Cutting System will establish your credibility and authority in your designing and inventive process. This system is also catered for business owners looking to create professional signs to advertise their business. For those that enjoy off-roading, this tabletop cutter provides you with the opportunity to create and repair existing parts on your vehicle. Parts on your vehicle are bound to wear and break, but for those that are intuitive enough, they may arrange and construct replacement parts or spare parts in times of emergencies.

Features & Benefits

The features & benefits of our Compact 4×4 Table Top CNC Plasma Cutting System are what separates us from our competition. Primarily, our cutting system makes it easy for beginners to learn the basics and begin making cuts. Although it is a hefty unit, it has been manufactured to ensure it is portable and light in weight. It can also be easily hung on the walls of your home, garage, or shed for later usage. We understand that you will be using your CNC cutting system for small, medium and large-sized products and that may require you to exert the boundaries of your unit; to protect you from any concerns about a damaged CNC machine we offer you a limited 2-year warranty as well as complete online support and telephone assistance.

Plenty of other benefits that supplant the prowess of our tabletop cutter include the ability to run CNC machining software off your very own computer, which limits the additional costs that come with other standard CNC cutters. Other cost-effective savings that spur from this tabletop cutter include very minuscule packaging that cuts down on the price of shipping to your commercial building or residence. You may even operate your cutter with your very own plasma, or you may order directly from our shop for accessibility.

Technical features that make this cutter a worthwhile investment are that it operates up to 350+ more IPM, it can comprehend imported .dxf, .png.,. Jpeg drawings, it utilizes linear rails which maximize the smoothness of a cut, delivers a supremely clean cut through 48×48, and performs on 120v.

Compact 4×4 Tabletop CNC Plasma Cutting Systems are perfect for anyone with a creative edge that wishes to enjoy the fruits of their labour and innovation. This machine is for anybody and can handle tasks for your personal life and will over exceed expectations for business-related projects.

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