Fab-Cut Systems has become a recognized OEM supplier for Kjellberg plasma cutting systems manufactured in Germany. This new to Canada world-class product line will help us better establish ourselves as a solid competitor in the North American marketplace. We are excited about what this product line will do for us and especially for our current and new customers in the marketplace. Kjellberg is a World-class manufacturer and dates back to early 1959. At that time the Professor Manfred von Ardenne Institute in Dresden carried out the first basic tests for plasma-arc cutting of high-alloyed steel and aluminum with argon-hydrogen in cooperation with Kjellberg Finsterwalde. In 1962, Kjellberg Finsterwalde began selling the WSH III-M plasma cutting system with 50 KW – the first industry-ready plasma cutting system. In the same year, this procedure was further developed into the FineFocus plasma cutting technology and then patented. Then Kjellberg In 2000, the new HiFocus plasma cutting technology, with laser-like precision, was placed on the market. In the following year, the launch of the HiFinox technology for the first time worldwide permitted metallic clean and dross-free cuts on thin sheets of chromium-nickel steel. The world’s first flow-controlled automatic plasma gas supply in 2003 was an advance creating better quality and reproducibility of plasma cuts. In 2004, a new record was established by using three FineFocus 800 plasma cutting machines connected in parallel for the dismantling of a disconnected nuclear reactor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. 130 mm thick Stainless steel walls were cut under remote control in water depths of several meters. Now Kjellberg has 3 high-performance product lines for hi-definition product lines with the Smart Focus, HiFocus, and now the recently released new Q series.

New Generation Q Power Sources

The new generation Q power sources show how networking and communication will change the production processes of the future. According to the requirements of Industry 4.0, the power sources with a modular design can form networks and exchange information with their own as well as other components. The emphasis here is on the digital process monitoring and process control as well as the possibility for remote access. Kjellberg Finsterwalde has therefore developed an extensive operator interface for the user that is device-independent and location-independent and was demonstrated at the trade show Schweissen & Schneiden for the first time.
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