Simple operation and optimal cutting results up to 60 mm

Kjellberg is expanding its portfolio for plasma cutting with the new power source K 200.

With the K 200, users can focus on the essentials of plasma cutting: optimal and reliable cutting results with easy operation and low investment and operating costs.

The power source cuts with oxygen, air and nitrogen in the material thickness range from 1 to 60 mm with a maximum cutting current of 200 A. In addition, the K 200 has a marking function. It has integrated automatic gas control and a torch with direct connection. A manual torch extends the range of application to manual cutting and gouging. Overall, the user benefits from low investment costs and easy installation, operation and maintenance of the system.

The K 200 can be fully integrated into CNC guidance systems or controlled and monitored via smartphone. The accompanying app also allows the user to see all parameters and settings at a glance and customise cutting data.

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