Digital Tracing Board

The Logic Trace Digitizing System helps you to create what you need in a few minutes – fast, easy-to-use and accurate.

Logic Trace Digitizing System

Don’t spend hours creating your DFX file!

The System
  • Electronic Board, Pen and Software – Quickly and accurately trace parts, patterns, designs, plans, maps, graphs – anything
  • Trace & Save Files – DXF, PDF, SVG, DXF-ASTM, DXF-AAMA and more
  • Easy to master – Start the software, trace the items with the pen, save graphic files and calculate numbers
  • Trace & Calculate – Areas, perimeters, lengths, counts, XY points and curves. Load the numbers into excel or save.
  • One System for All – CNC, CAD, Apparel, Construction, woodworking, metal fabrication, glass, plastics, building, everybody
  • Jumbo Tracer – Connect multiple boards for tracing very large patterns. Connect two to eight boards together for tracing patterns anywhere from 5×8′ to 8×24′
Features and Benefits:
  • Trace an entire outline with the pen stylus or cursor in minutes. Complex curves can be created using polylines or by digitizing multiple points.
  • Easy to use (trace, save, calculate) and create DXF files
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linus computers (with support for cell phones, iPads, tablets and external monitors)
  • Standard accuracy of 0.01 inches (0.254 mm) with a higher accuracy board available (0.005 inches / 0.127 mm)
  • Easily rescale dimensions
  • Trace on-screen. Load a picture into the software, trace the outline using the computer mouse, save a vector file or calculate numbers.
  • Trace through other material – paper, cardboard, plastic, mylar.
  • Multi-lingual. Software is currently available in 15 languages.

The Logic Trace System was completely overhauled and updated, launching in January 2023. For a complete list of what was included in the update, read our post.

Types of Tracing
  • Tracing tools (pen and cursor)
  • Freehand drawing. Trace complicated shapes by tracing with a pen stylus or the 16-button cursor.
  • Lines and arcs. Define straight lines by tracing starting and ending points. Define arcs with three points.
  • Easy smooth curves. Trace smooth curves with a series of points. The software will create a smooth curve through the points.
  • Circles and shapes. Trace circles using any three points on the circle or by tracing the centre point and diameter. Trace squares and rectangles by tracing any three corners.
What Makes the Logic Trace System Unique?
  • Use your cell phone and iPad. Place the cell phone or iPad on the tracing board for easy access. Move the software control window to the cell phone ir iPad and push buttons to control the tracing. Move the software display window to the iPad or tablet and watch the design while tracing.
  • Program the cursor buttons. Change the button functions to be different software commands and trace patterns without using the computer.
  • Customize the software.
  • Easily edit the outline.
  • Layers. Add optional layer names, numbers, colours, and line thicknesses.

Useful in a multitude of industries: general parts fabrication, metalworking, manufacturing, wood-working, plastics, furniture-making,  upholstery, garments, maching, sign-making, boat manufacturing, replacement parts, prototyping…and many more.


Canadian FlagFab-Cut® Systems Inc is the Canadian distributor for the Logic Trace Digitizing System.

For pricing and to order:

How does the Logic Trace Digitizing System work?

The electronic board is a grid of wires going up and down and across with a hard formica surface. The pen stylus or cursor generates a magnetic field that is “sensed” by the board. Push a button on the pen or cursor or push down on the tip of the pen and a stream of accurate XY points are sent to the computer. The Logic Trace software then displays these points as a drawing or numbers.

The tracing board can recognize the pen or cursor almost an inch (2 cm) above the board, making it possible to trace through other materials.

Connect up to 8 boards at one time to digitize large patterns.


0.01″ (0.254 mm)
0.005″ (0.127 mm)

44 x 60 in (110 x 150 cm)
36 x 48 in (90 x 120 cm)
24 x 36 in (60 x 90 cm)
20 x 24 in (50 x 60 cm)
12 x 18 in (30 x 45 cm)
12 x 12 in (30 x 30 cm)

36 x 48 in (90 x 120 cm)
30 x 36 in (60 x 90 cm)

Portable rollup tracing boards are also available. The rollup cursor is more accurate than the pen stylus.

5 x 8 ft (1.5 x 2.4m)
5 x 12 ft (1.5 x 3.6m)
5 x 16 ft (1.5 x 4.8m)
8 x 11 ft (2.4 x 3.3m)
8 x 16 ft (2.4 x 4.8m)
8 x 22 ft (2.4 x 6.6m)


The Logic Trace Digitizing System boards have a three (3) year warranty.

If you have any problems, we will fix them.

The board has a hard Formica surface and can handle several hundred pounds, probably even 1000 lbs. We have several clients using a magnetic lift to put heavy objects on. You do need to be careful not to drop anything on the board.

For pricing and to order:

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