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The Logic Trace Digitizing System helps you to create what you need in a few minutes – fast, easy-to-use and accurate.

Order your Logic Trace Digitizing System.

Use the form on this page to order your Logic Trace Digitizing System.

Logic Trace System with 0.01″ accuracy

Select the size and optional extras.  Taxes will be added to the final amount. Once submitted, our sales team will get in touch with you within one business day to review the order and arrange payment. We accept e-transfer, MasterCard, Visa or wire transfer. We currently only ship the Logic Trace Digitizing Systems to Canada.
Digital Tracing Board Order Form
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Once you have selected your size and optional extras, click 'Next' to fill out your name and contact details for shipping.

Canadian FlagFab-Cut® Systems Inc is the Canadian distributor for the Logic Trace Digitizing System.


The Logic Trace Digitizing System boards have a three (3) year warranty.

If you have any problems, we will fix them.

The board has a hard Formica surface and can handle several hundred pounds, probably even 1000 lbs. We have several clients using a magnetic lift to put heavy objects on. You do need to be careful not to drop anything on the board.

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