Eckelmann CNC Controller

Fab-Cut System's #1 choice for all Kjellberg plasma systems

Eckelmann CNC Control Systems

The Eckelmann control platforms are suitable for PLC, motion and CNC applications as well as customer-specific applications on Linux embedded basis. High performance, the latest software architecture and the unique Eckelmann platform design enable perfect control technology mapping of your application.

The strengths of Eckelmann CNC controllers:

  • Wide range of functions from over 40 years of in-house CNC development
  • Flexibility due to compact, modularly stackable controllers and I/O modules
  • Application and customer-specific systems
  • Modularly integratable safety-controller
  • Quality claim made in Wiesbaden with 100% test depth

The DIN rail controllers from the E°EXC control system family form the ideal basis for CNC solutions. Thanks to its consistent further development, the CNC by Eckelmann offers one of the most comprehensive instruction sets on the market and is employed in many industries. The CNC core contains a large variety of technology specific functions, allowing sophisticated applications to easily be created.

Eckelmann controller
Application example - complete equipment for a 4 axes cutting machine (CNC supports up to 32 axes)
Eckelmann cncCUT Nesting
Eckelmann EXC89 CNC Controller
Eckelmann-EDarc K10E Servo Drives

Eckelmann controller

E°CUT: Automated cutting with heart and mind

E°CUT is a package for all cutting technologies. It can be expanded according to your individual requirements.

Ready-made software solutions for:

  • laser cutting
  • water jet cutting
  • plasma cutting
  • oxy-fuel cutting
  • bevel cutting
  • drilling
  • marking

Plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

For plasma cutting, the sheets are cut using a conductive gas (plasma), which is generated by an electric light arc.

For oxy-fuel or flame cutting, the metal sheet containing carbon is first heated to ignition temperature and then burned in the oxygen jet.

  • Frequently, both technologies, plasma and oxy-fuel, are used at a single machine. Our controller is able to perform both cutting processes and supports possible additional units:
    • Drilling and thread cutting heads with or without automatic tool change
    • Marking devices with pin marker, inkjet printer or plasma marker
    • Lateral rotary axle on flatbed machines for tube cutting
  • Universal functions for all cutting applications:
    • Sheet position detection and calculation
    • Kerf compensation with automatic overcut
    • Reverse travel and returning to the contour
    • Throttle control at the extraction table
    • Wear part monitoring
    • Operating data acquisition and order management
    • Error log
  • Operation with multi torch carriages:
    • Individually motor-driven, with automatic band clamping or both on one machine bridge

Plasma Cutting

Basic quality features and control requirements for plasma cutting are:

  • Burr-free cut
  • No or only minimal wave formation in the cross section
  • Rectangular cutting edges

Plasma power sources and automatic gas consoles of the most important  manufacturers such as Kjellberg, Hypertherm, and Thermal Dynamics are supported. For an automatic communication, the associated databases of the manufacturers are integrated together with the plasma power source into the CNC controller.

The distance between the plasma torches and the metal sheet surface can be adjusted using external height control systems, for example from IHT Automation, Kjellberg CNC-integrated height control by applying arc-voltage; with corner signal and other special functions.

Virtually any TCP- as well as non-TCP-oriented kinematics for 3D processing (bevel cutting) Several bevel cutting units possible for one machine, also coupled with rotary axes for circular and special section tube cutting

Oxy-fuel Cutting

  • Technology tables for oxy-fuel cutting
  • Configurable speed reduction at cutting start and end
  • Variable control of the gas technology depending on valve arrangement and valve type:
    • Switching valves
    • Proportional valves with pressure rise ramps
  • Distance control of the oxy-fuel torches using external height control systems or CNC-integrated height control through recording and linearization of a capacitive measuring signal
  • Bevel cutting with 3 torches configuration:
    • Automatic motorised torches angle and lateral adjustment
    • Several oxy-fuel bevel cutting units possible at
      one machine


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