Fab-Cut® CNC Controller

"Custom Fabricated CNC Plasma Cutting Systems To Meet Your Everyday Needs"

Fab-Cut® CNC Software Main Features

Fab-Cut CNC  is a multi-tasking and multi-platform CNC Control Software that can be installed on MS Windows (7, 8, 10), Linux, and Embedded Linux Operating systems. Fab-Cut CNC can be run on Desktop PC, Industrial PC, Laptop or Single Board Computer (SBC) like Raspberry Pi 2/3, Odroid-C2/XU4, Asus TinkerBoard, Rock64, Cubieboard2 and some others.

Fab-Cut® CNC features a simultaneous 4-axes motion control with S-curve speed profile for smooth machine motion, G-code with Macro Language extension support, built-in PLC controllers and a built-in PLC Builder IDE for flexible peripherals control.

Fab-Cut® CNC supports special-purpose G/M codes for a wide range of applications – mill, lathe, routers, tangential knife, plasma, oxy-fuel, laser cutting, Torch Height Control (THC), and ATC. Large G-code files of up to 1GB are also supported. Fab-Cut CNC also features a fully customizable GUI, an advanced 2D/3D visualization, and real-time IO monitoring.

The Fab-Cut® CNC controllers and software provide:
  • Integrated torch height control (THC) to react to uneven cutting surface included on the Fab-Cut CNC ET7, ET10 and ET15 controllers
  • Anti-collision system integration for metal plates
  • In-process cutting height adjustment
  • Nesting and parametric parts library with more than 70 default parts
  • Work starting search (part search) with graphical confirmation for change of starting point
  • Manual cut (A-B cutting)
  • Ability to run program both forwards and backwards for plasma/gas cutting
  • High speed simulation dry run for confirming working area
  • Cut chart databases for popular plasma power sources with classifications for material and thickness
  • Separate easily adjustable speeds for hole cutting on 2D and 2.5D files
  • Cutting layout displayed with dynamic graphic of cutting tool
  • Probing capabilities for acquiring plate thickness, hole radius, finding surface edges, etc.
  • Laser pointer for visual origin acquisition
  • Monitoring of consumables with custom alarm messages and visual popup windows
  • PLC customizable by manufacturers
  • Ability to import DXF files to convert into G-code
  • Easy program rotation/mirroring
Compact Econo Fab-Cut controller
Fab-Cut® Controller Screen

Shape Library

There are over 80 parameterized parts in the Fab-Cut® CNC Shape Library. Row and column multiplication (nesting) is available to easily clone parts. The Fab-Cut® CNC library shapes are available for different technologies, such as plasma, gas, laser or water jet cutting, engraving, and multi-pass mill cutting. New shapes can be easily added to the Shape library by customers.

A number of different cutting technologies are also supported by the Shape Library, such as automatic inserts, Lead-In/Lead-outs for Plasma/Gas Cutting and Multi-Pass cutting along with Engraving for Routers and Mills.

Fab-Cut CNC shape library
Fab-Cut® Controller Screen

Wireless Pendant control support

Fab-Cut® CNC supports a number of Wireless Pendant Controls which is great when you want to have that extra control while working around your system.
Then please add in the picture of the Remote pendents and again make it expandable

Remote pendents
Fab-Cut® Controller Screen

Fab-Cut’s in-house controller:

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