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GreenCut Plasma Solution – Plasma Arc Water-Table Fluid


CNC plasma cutting


Carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, Inconel, titanium, aluminum


  • Plasma table coolant specifically designed for CNC plasma cutting
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents bacteria
  • Prevents hot spotting
  • Does not thermally degrade meaning no change-outs are required
  • Contains anti-rust, anti-foam, and anti-bacterial chemistry
  • Superb surface finish
  • Increased production speeds
  • 100% effective regardless of the speed
  • GreenCut® Plasma is a water-soluble package, blends with water at 20:1 ratio
  • Easily rinsable with water; does not leave marks
  • No sump clean-outs needed for at least one year with proper maintenance and pump circulation
  • Can be reused
GreenCut Plasma Fluid

Available Sizes:

GP6 8 x 1 litre bottles
(34 oz)
GP7 20 litre pail
(5.28 gal)
GP8 205 litre drum
(54 gal)


  • Originally approved by Environment Canada under the Environmental Choice Program
  • Approved by Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in food processing facilities
  • GreenCut® Plasma totally prevents growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
  • Eliminates odors permanently: immediately biodegrades tramp oils that wash into the water table from the plasma cut metal sheet
  • Easy on the hands and helps heal lacerations and dermatitis. Vapors won’t cause asthma or breathing problems. Spills are safe to walk on “no-slip”

GreenCut Plasma Eliminate Waste Water Disposal


 Circulation & Filtration System Design

GreenCut Plasma - Circulation System Design

LubeCorp’s exclusive All-SAFETM formulas are originally approved by Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, which ensures stringent requirements for environmental leadership.

LMI is the purveyor of the All-SAFETM industrial fluid product line:

Outperforms while providing uncompromising safety

  1. Work-SAFE:
    Safe for lungs, hands and eyes. Fireproof and Smoke-proof. Non-toxic.
  2. Nature-SAFE:
    Safe for all ecosystems. Direct sewer disposal.
  3. Cost-SAFE:
    Superior performance. Greater productivity. Lowered overall costs.

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