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LibreCAD for ProNest

A new Hypertherm-exclusive CAD program, LibreCAD for ProNest, is installed with ProNest. This dynamic CAD program allows you to easily create drawings and edit drawings before and after they are imported into ProNest for a streamlined workflow. LibreCAD for ProNest may used as a standalone CAD program or it can be used for CAD cleanup in ProNest.

Once imported into ProNest, you can edit and dimension any file type in LibreCAD for ProNest. As a standalone CAD editor, you can open DWG and DXF file types in LibreCAD for ProNest (files must be saved as DXF).

Key Feature for LibreCAD

  • Export to ProNest
  • Edit part list and nested parts
  • Multi-select editing
  • Automatic layer mapping
  • Trim excess
  • Shape text
  • Explode text into letters
  • Font support
  • LibreCAD for ProNest fonts
  • Circle in diameter
  • Contour selection

ProNest LT

ProNest LT is a powerful CAD/CAM part nesting software, yet easy to learn and use. It’s designed for light industrial, mechanized cutting and provides professional grade cut quality at an affordable price, allowing doers, makers, and fabricators of all sizes to get the most out of their conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines.


  • Ease of use
    Incredibly easy to learn and use, with intuitive screens, and a wide variety of helpful features.
  • Built-in design tools
    Import CAD files, artwork, and signs, or create your own designs using powerful built-in tools.
  • Better part quality
    Hypertherm’s built-in expertise means the best possible cutting parameters are applied for each job’s unique needs, resulting in sharper corners, cleaner edges, and improved hole quality.
  • Automatic nesting
    Nest jobs even more quickly and efficiently using intelligent auto nesting strategies.
  • Increased productivity
    Modules like Common Line Cutting or Chain and Bridge Cutting can increase efficiency, and reduce cutting time and consumable wear.
  • Unlimited technical support
    Unlimited access to technical support, training, and software updates is included with your purchase.

Standard Feature Highlights

Machine support
• All major brands/manufacturers/models

Part design and development
• Integrated 2D CAD program to create and edit CAD files
• Variable Shape Parts feature to develop common parts from

CAD/CAM import and conversion
• Import CAD files (industry-standard file formats)
• Import PDF
• Raster to vector converts static images to CAD
• Automatic CAD file correction and error notification
• Automatic spline/ellipse smoothing and reduction
• Separate multiple parts from a single CAD file
• Automatic mapping of CAD layers to processes (cut, mark)

Job set-up
• Material database (with grade and gauge)
• Custom remnant creation (define irregular shapes for nesting)
• Grain constraint
• Safe zones for plate clamping applications
• Multi-head cutting

SureCut™ technology and built-in process expertise
• Material type, thickness, grade and class-based process
– Separations for part, plate, and pierce spacing
– Kerf compensation and feedrate
– lead-in/out style optimized for part geometry and quality
– Cutting techniques
– Disable automatic height control based on part geometry
– Pre-heat timing for oxyfuel
• Cut sequencing – automatic or manual
• Pre-pierce and edge pierce

Interactive manual nesting
• Group parts into clusters for nesting
• Color parts according to part property
• Drag, drop, and bump, and auto-bump parts on the nest
• Move, mirror, and drag to rotate parts
• Prohibit / permit nesting inside of a part
• Part interference detection
• Edit lead-in/out position and properties within the nest
• Animated cutting sequence simulation
• Control cut direction and cut sequencing on part-by-part
• Plate cropping

• Management and shop reports
• Export reports directly to PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV,
or webpage
• User-defined machine and labor production
• Automatic calculation of part production costs
and part/nest utilization
• Post-processor with NC output
• DXF output

Hypertherm - art sign 'Fish On'

Supports detailed metal art and sign making.

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