CNC Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting Tables

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Oxyfuel Cutting 

Adding an oxyfuel torch to your CNC plasma table offers greater cutting versatility by allowing up to 6″ mild steel cutting at an affordable price. Fab-Cut now offers oxyfuel cutting torches with auto-ignition on all our CNC plasma table packages. Auto Ignite Oxyfuel System makes turning the oxy torch on and off as easy as a push of a button! As a result oxyfuel cutting is made both easier and safer for CNC plasma table operators.

Our company uses the Esab machine cutting torch and Victor Edge regulators as standard equipment setup for CNC oxyfuel. If you decide to add oxyfuel cutting as a table accessory we will manufacture and supply a 5″ deep water table instead of the 3″ deep water table in order to accommodate the increased levels of heat. 

Oxyfuel With Auto Ignitor Cutting 1″ Mild Steel

Oxyfuel cutting on 5x5 modular cnc oxy system
Fab-Cut High Def  CNC Plasma System with OxyFuel Cutting Auto Ignitor
Fab-Cut OxyFuel CNC Plasma Table with Auto Ignitor

Is Oxyfuel or Plasma the Best Choice for Mild Steel Parts?
There are two major benefits of oxyfuel cutting: the equipment is inexpensive compared to purchasing a plasma cutter, and it can set up and firing quickly. However, the downside of oxyfuel cutting is it is comparatively slow and it’s only good for cutting carbon steel. Oxyfuel is not a good choice for cutting other metals such as stainless steel or aluminum. In addition, the carbon steel workpiece being cut must be preheated before cutting, which drastically reduces overall productivity. There are also safety issues associated with the use of highly flammable gasses such as propane or acetylene which are the most common fuel gas used with this process.

Oxyfuel is an excellent choice for manufacturers who primarily need to cut thick (between 2” to 6”) carbon steel. In addition, oxyfuel can be an economical alternative to plasma if you don’t have high volumes of parts to cut or aren’t especially concerned about productivity or per-part profitability.

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