Fab-Cut® CNC Plasma Table Lease Purchase Option

Availible For Canadian Customers Only

Lease Purchase Options To Meet Your Business Needs!

Fab-Cut® is pleased to offer flexible payment options on all of our plasma cutting tables through 2 great leasing companies. Whether the deal is $5,000 or $5,000,000 we can help.

New Start-up Company? No problem.

Fab-Cut® Has a high approval rate which is proof that we can be flexible in all types of situations.

Leasing Or Financing

There are many benefits to leasing vs. financing. Our most popular option is a Lease to Own. It is structured exactly like a bank loan, yet you get all of the benefits of a lease. Lease to Own option can be flexible to meet the customer’s requirements. At Fab-Cut® we also understand the challenges that newer/smaller businesses face when they want to “take the next step.” We are here to help you make that step a reality. We can get you where you need to be to start bidding and winning those larger jobs.

Flexible Payment Options
The lease purchase option works to find leasing solutions that best suit our clients. They work to provide options that not only work for today’s needs but for tomorrow’s objectives too. The following options are just a few ways they can help structure your payments:

Lease Purchase option now available in the USA.

For USA customers – Trio Capital

Trio Capital logo

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Fab-Cut® Systems Inc manufactures The Fab-Cut® CNC plasma cutting table to meet the needs of our large variety of customers. Fab-Cut® can provide CNC Plasma cutting tables for most welding, machining, fabrication, agricultural, HVAC, equipment, router, pipe, sheet metal, body & cabinet shops.

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