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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your smallest plasma table available?
  • It is the Compact series which is available as a table top model where you can fabricated your own machine and install this on top of it
  • We also offer as complete foldup system as show under our Products page
What plasma machines do you sell with your machines?
  • For the air plasma systems, we have the Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster series and also the Hypertherm Powermax series.
  • For production cutting we offer the AutoCut 200/300XT systems which offer oxy/air cutting on steel and secondary mist cutting for non ferrous metals cutting.
  • For Hi-definition cutting we offer the Thermal Dynamics UltraCut series in in 130 amp up to 400 amps capacity. For super high quality cutting we offer the Kjellberg systems which are manufactured in Germany.
How much input power do I need to run a plasma machine?
  • The power requirements are determined by the amperage size of machine you choose. You can download the equipment brochure from our website and it will provide you with all of the power and air requirements
What size of air compressor do I need to operate my plasma properly?
  • Most plasma systems use between 6.5 – 10cfm to allow them to cut properly. You also should have your low end start of your compressor to be set at least to 95 – 100psi. We suggest that you have at least a 60 gallon tank with at least a 3 – 5 hp motor running your compressor and an output of 10 – 12+ cfm on your compressor. This will ensure that you will no interruptions when running your CNC plasma. On larger production and hi-definition plasmas, you will require between 120 psi and 160 psi air pressure depending on the manufacturers brand. We do suggest for the larger plasma systems to install a refrigerated air dryer which we offer from Atlas Copco and this will guarantee better cut quality and longer consumable life.
Do I really need to install a separate grounding rod for my plasma table?
  • Yes, it is very much needed in order for your auto torch height control (THC) to work properly on your plasma table. It is “Not” acceptable to simple ground to a building ground.
How difficult is the software to learn?
  • We use the Flashcut CNC 3in1 CAD/CAM/CNC software which is much easier to use than most systems in the marketplace today. From designing to nesting to cutting is a simple continuous process that can easily be understood.
  • We offer on our website under the Support link the Fab-Cut University section where you can access 30+ videos and documentation to learn how to operate, maintain and take care your machine. Once you purchase a system, we will provide you a password to access this section. The software also has a 205 page instruction guide to help you learn all aspects of this powerful program.
  • We then back that up with direct log in telephone/internet support provided by our tech team at Fab-Cut Systems.
  • We now include a complete binder with all the information you will need to understand your system better and to take care and troubleshoot if required. Included is the software manual as noted above
Should I install some sort of air dryer on my compressor?
  • It is very important to use very dry air as your plasma torch parts will last longer and your cuts will be better. We do offer to include a Motorguard M-60-R air filter and pressure gauge set with all our air plasma systems which works to remove fine particles and oil. We still suggest that you add in a water trap that will get the bulk of the water out of your airline feed to your plasma. This should be installed close to your plasma just before the M-26 filter.
What else would we need to make our system complete?
  • We always suggest that you purchase a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect your computer and controller. These can be purchased at a good electronics supply store or online. Make sure that it has at least 4 receptables and most importantly has surge protection.
  • We recommend that you purchase a start up package of consumables with your system as well as at least 1 spare replacement air filter for your M-26 filter.
Why would I want to consider purchasing a gantry system instead of a complete turnkey system?
  • We offer gantry systems for customers who are trying to find the most cost-effective way to get into a new plasma cutting system and if they are capable of fabricating their own tables.
  • Our gantry systems are also great for companies who have an older plasma table that has seen it best days and its time to upgrade. The gantry package comes with 2 rails that can be easily mounted on to an existing table and then completely assembled gantry can easily be mounted on the rails and with a few wiring hookups and adding the side cable tray on the table you will be up and running.
Where are the Fab-Cut systems manufactured?
  • Currently all of our Fab-Cut plasma and router systems are 100% manufactured in our 25,000 sq/ft facility in Kingston, Ontario. We are looking to expand our manufacturing into New York State but right now with the Covid-19 pandemic, that has been put on hold.
Where can I purchase spare parts and or replacement parts for my Fab-Cut plasma systems?
  • We carry over $100,000 in spare parts at our location and usually can ship out the parts the same day all over North America.
What can I expect for tech support assistance from Fab-Cut?
  • Currently we have 3 – 4 technicians available to provide direct phone and internet support from 8:00 am – 4:30pm M-F. One of our technicians is bilingual for our French speaking customers.
Does Fab-Cut offer packages to upgrade my existing CNC plasma table?
  • Yes we offer many different options when it comes to retrofitting your older system.
What payment options do you offer?
  • EFT, Certified and bank draft cheques, Visa and M/C (3% surcharge added for credit card payment)
  • We also offer Lease Purchase Financing for all new and reto upgrade systems
Can I use my existing plasma and computer on your systems?
  • Yes, you might be able to use your own plasma machine as long as there is a way to connect your system to our plasma controller for a 50:1 voltage reading and torch control. Some of the systems in the marketplace were never designed to operate with a CNC plasma table.
  • You can use your own computer if it is a newer more powerful system. The CAD/CAM/CNC software is very powerful and requires good computing speeds.
Do you offer custom systems for your customers?
  • We can offer custom systems, and we enjoy the challenge. Currently we have manufactured special gantries up to 10’ wide and 28’ long. Bring us your ideas and let us help you acquire what you need.

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